A night before

Bachelor  and bachelorette nights are rituals. Rituals that mark an end of a chapter.

For some reason this night is looked through a broken mirror. An evening that should be the last night where friends get together to do things as they have done. One last time friends together. Because the next time it will be with the friend and the spouse. It’ll be fun but it will not be the same as it was before. The evening when it is looked back to the past and looked to the future has become a night that is passed pressing the lucky one through a meat grinder.

It should be a night that is waited with great anticipation, but it is something that is rather avoided.

Those who organize the evening can be divided in to two: single and married.

Single ones can for the last time do the things that where done until now. The married friends can share experiences and help the friend to the right track, so he shouldn’t reinvent the wheel. All of this can be done with good manners and respect.

My personal opinion is that the friends who don’t know what I want and what I think don’t really know me. Thus they aren’t really my friends…