What is porno?

Porno is a process, that occupies everything that is is allowed to come into contact with and changes everything that it occupies to work for it. Every thing porno comes into contact will change into porno.


No one is stupid

After you have learned something then that new is old and simple. Just before you learned it, it was difficult and comprehensible. When something is being explained by some one and the listener doesn’t understand, then after a long and tedious session you can hear the question “Are you stupid?” Here the fact is that the one explaining has failed and not the listener. Usually some one else enters the scene at this point and also explains the subject. No the listener says “Well, why didn’t you say so in the first place!” Here you can see that as soon as the listener got the info as he was expecting it, he understood it immediately. He who explains must understand how the listener is capable receiving information. Only then he can give his information to the receiver.  If the explainer can’t understand this, then the listener can’t understand what is being said.

No one is stupid. People just don’t know how to make themselves clear.


What is the meaning of life?

Every one leaves a legacy. Doesn’t matter if they want to leave it or not. Every one leaves a legacy to this world. If a person is successful they will leave behind a legacy of success. If a person is lazy they will leave behind a legacy of a burden. Like an artist who is rejected during his life time and is understood after his death. It is like his perception would be passed on to those who are left behind. Like vise a persons death seals his life and is the last sentence in the will that he leaves behind.

Q: The meaning of life?
A: To leave that kind of legacy you want.

What is homo ideology and why is it dangerous to society?

Homo ideology is a world view what puts one group higher in society then the rest. Due to forcing this world view on the society the group forcing it will repress the rest of the society.

Family is the cornerstone of the society. This smallest part of the society reflects the health of the society. Family consists of a man and a woman who are in wedlock and children who are born to that family. The society derives it’s order from the family. If the family respects and cares for each other then the society will also respect and care for each other. Social order reflects how the family works. Same applies vice versa.

If some thing else is formed next to the family and this formation does not consist of a man and a woman who are in a wedlock and the children who are born into this union, then the society is not capable of existing.  If a new base for the society is formed on the bases of the wants and needs of an individual then this pattern of thought is passed on to the social order of the society. This new society will no longer care and respect for the other members of that society. Because of this the society will be torn and even hostile.

That society will lose its unity and will start to self destruct. Eventually that society will stop existing. The void left by that society will be filled with members of a stronger and more united society.


Principles and processes

The course of your life is determined by principles and processes. Which processes you go along with and which principles you are not willing to break. Processes get you forward but principles keep you on the right track.

There are situations in life where there is very difficult to tell black from white and the gray that is in between. Principles that are set beforehand will help you make the right decision that you will not regret later.


Who’s choice?

Abortion is a very controversy subject. Sides that take part in the decision making are more than one.  Usually they are the mother and abortionist, sometimes the father is involved. But there are people left aside who also need to have a say. The most important of them – the child. The child must have the biggest say, because it is his life that is at stake. It is the child’s body that is being destroyed during abortion. It is not the mothers body, it is the child’s body. When  the egg got fertilized a new DNA code got created and from that point onward there is a new body inside the mother, new life, new human being. That DNA is different from the mother and father, thus it is a new human being. A new human being that has its own will, a right to decide what is done with his body. That person is not asked what does he choose. His father and mother decided at conception what they wanted. They choose their choice and decided their decision.  It is out of their hands now. Now there is new life and its continuation nor termination isn’t up for the parents to decide. If the life is terminated then they are deciding over the child’s body and not the mothers body. It doesn’t matter how long the child has been growing inside the mother – was it one day or twelve weeks – the decision is made over a new life and nobody asks from the child what does he want.

To live a human being doesn’t need two arms, two legs and internal organs. If you take a finger he will still live. If you take his hand he’ll still live. If you take all his limbs, eyes, nose, ears and hairs he will still live on. He is even capable to survive without some internal organs. It is clear that a human doesn’t need his body in all its perfection. Thus, when DNA is created in the fertilized egg then he is human then too. Since if he is not human then who is he?

Thus, if you terminate a human life even when he is still inside the mother, doesn’t matter how old of a life, then it is the same if you would terminate a human life when his is outside the mother, doesn’t matter how old of a life. There is one piece of information that is there when the egg is fertilized, when the life reaches its peak and when the life becomes to an end: it is DNA. It is always inside the body and it begun after the fertilization.

A night before

Bachelor  and bachelorette nights are rituals. Rituals that mark an end of a chapter.

For some reason this night is looked through a broken mirror. An evening that should be the last night where friends get together to do things as they have done. One last time friends together. Because the next time it will be with the friend and the spouse. It’ll be fun but it will not be the same as it was before. The evening when it is looked back to the past and looked to the future has become a night that is passed pressing the lucky one through a meat grinder.

It should be a night that is waited with great anticipation, but it is something that is rather avoided.

Those who organize the evening can be divided in to two: single and married.

Single ones can for the last time do the things that where done until now. The married friends can share experiences and help the friend to the right track, so he shouldn’t reinvent the wheel. All of this can be done with good manners and respect.

My personal opinion is that the friends who don’t know what I want and what I think don’t really know me. Thus they aren’t really my friends…



When men and women talk

Men communicate with one another through conversation. In that conversation men listen to the word that are being said and only those words that word that are being said.

Women on the other hand communicate with words that are being said and also with those words that are not being said.

When you mix these to forms of communications there will be casualties on both sides.

Here can be a problem: when a man asks from a woman “What did I do wrong?” and the answer is “It’s not what you did but it’s what you didn’t do!” Mans brain goes into meltdown since it is trying to figure out all the things he didn’t do and the things he should have done and those things that he didn’t do and he shouldn’t have done.

Why is life so hard?

A man who speaks how to achieve something and that person has born with a silver spoon in his mouth, then one can take seriously what is being said.

If a man who has gone through difficulties has prevailed and has seen the darker side of life speaks of success and how to manage your life, then that is something that is worth listening to.

Experience is what defines how much of ones words and actions are taken as examples.

He who has it tough has grate potential to become an example. He who has everything easy doesn’t stand a chance.

The good book says that God will give you as much as you can handle. So don’t give up when you have problems to overcome. You have them so you can lead the way and show others it can be done.

What is innovation?

Innovation is combining two and/or more existing services and/or products to one and/or more services and/or products.

Good examples are internet banking and mobile parking. In both cases already existing resources were used to improve an existing service. Nothing new was created. Nothing new wasn’t invented, innovation happened.