What is homo ideology and why is it dangerous to society?

Homo ideology is a world view what puts one group higher in society then the rest. Due to forcing this world view on the society the group forcing it will repress the rest of the society.

Family is the cornerstone of the society. This smallest part of the society reflects the health of the society. Family consists of a man and a woman who are in wedlock and children who are born to that family. The society derives it’s order from the family. If the family respects and cares for each other then the society will also respect and care for each other. Social order reflects how the family works. Same applies vice versa.

If some thing else is formed next to the family and this formation does not consist of a man and a woman who are in a wedlock and the children who are born into this union, then the society is not capable of existing.  If a new base for the society is formed on the bases of the wants and needs of an individual then this pattern of thought is passed on to the social order of the society. This new society will no longer care and respect for the other members of that society. Because of this the society will be torn and even hostile.

That society will lose its unity and will start to self destruct. Eventually that society will stop existing. The void left by that society will be filled with members of a stronger and more united society.