What is art?

Art is means to express oneself and the goal of that expression is to stimulate the observes brain functions and/or to express ones state of mind.

Why do we need faith?

One can base their knowledge on two things: experience and faith. It’s easy to say “I know it because I saw it!” Why is it so indescribably hard to say “I know, because I believe!” One can’t say he has experienced everything he knows. There is knowledge that has no other proof than the belief in them. Those peaces of knowledge are based on faith. Easiest example is learning a foreign language. Thatcher teaches a new expression and the student has to believe that what the teacher has just said means just that what the teacher said it means. If the student would learn the language by double of triple checking everything, it would take considerably longer to learn the new language.

It is not possible to experience everything. Even if someone would base all their knowledge on their experience and things that they have seen, then that persons knowledge will be very limited.

If all knowledge would be based on tests and experiences and some more tests then the development of that society would stop.

Thus we need faith to progress faster in our lives.

What do women want?

The question what has been asked from the beginning of time. The answer to this question is sought out by men all over the planet. Surprisingly women want to know the wording of this answer. I have been married for over six years. Only a few days I have been away from my wife. We have sailed quiet seas and we have sailed the stormy seas. I have got to know her. Now after these years and what we have gone through I can make a generalizing deduction.

Women want that men would know what women want.

Simple as that. That is what women want. But it gets more complicated on the mens side. Men must know their wives well enough that he would know what his wife wants and he must act accordingly. Man must not say to the woman what she wants nor ask her what she wants, but the man must know it and must be brave enough to go out and act on it. All or nothing. That’s the material that makes a man. Not playing lottery with his family but well-considered decision what will make the family stronger.

Women need security. Not only financial but also physical. Women need some one to lean on some one who would be there at any time. Men are supposed to be strong but this should not be expected from women. Women are gentle and that should not be changed.